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master technical trainer



With over 80,000 hours of training experience. Mo is a master of technical training and brings his contagious personality, high energy, true passion, and his unmatched expertise to the training grounds. Mo's ability and experience are not replicable. Mo has been training players in the Sacramento Region since 2007.


Mo started playing as soon as he could walk his mom said, Mo was born in Lynwood, California and at 5 years old his family moved to San Luis Obispo where he would spend most of his youth soccer days. One summer Mo's mom was contacted by a Nike representative offering Mo an endorsement and youth athletic sponsorship with Nike Soccer. Mo was invited to play (with Nomads one of the best youth clubs in North America) 


At the age of 14 Mo left home to live with a host family in San Diego (La Jolla) so that he could pursue a career in soccer. Mo continued his path and eventually moved to Sacramento in 2000 to play Pro Indoor Soccer at the age of 18, sadly he suffered a career-ending injury in his first session. Mo was just a young boy and had to figure out what he wanted to do. Mo attended ARC for a couple of years and earned his AA in fire technology then went on to pursue another dream of his. 


Mo moved to San Diego and became a Firefighter for the San Diego Fire Department, he continued his path up the ranks and became a Helitack firefighter for the Sycuan Golden Eagles. Mo continued to get better and soon became a part of one the most prestigious  Hot Shot Crews in the US the Tahoe Hot Shots. A few years later Mo decided to become a Smoke Jumper.


In 2008 Mo had his first child and decided Firefighting wasn't the safest thing to be doing anymore and the time away from his family was unbearable, so he decided to follow his passion for soccer.



Former Blues FC academy director, Mo was almost immediately recognized as the BEST youth soccer trainer in Northern California. The proof was is in the players and teams around the Placer County area that developed under his guidance as well as the never-ending chain of new players that continue to flock to Mad Skillz every day. 



Career Highlights:


Founder Anthem FC (Most successful Futsal Training In Northern CA)

Founder Mad Skillz Soccer Inc.

Former Director of Training & Camps Blues FC

Former Galaxy Blues Academy Director

Former California Blues Technical Director

USFF Director

5 x United States National Champion Coach

3 x World Champion Coach

7 x Northwest Regional Champion Coach

4 x California State Champion Coach

1 x International Champion Coach

USFF National Team Coach (2004 Girls)

United States Department Of Agriculture Smoke Jumper

San Diego Fire Department Helitack Crew 

Sycuan Golden Eagles Hot Shots 





USSF C License

USSF D License

USSF E License

USSF F License

Sports Nutrition Certified (ISSA)

Personal Training Certified (ISSA)

Youth Fitness Certified (ISSA)

NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

NSCAA 11v11 Diploma



NSCAA National Diploma

NSCAA Goalkeeper Diploma Level 1&2

NSCAA Futsal Diploma Level 1

USFF Futsal Development License

NFHS Coaching Fundamentals

NSCAA Special Topics (Small Sided Games)

CPR/AED Certified 2021

First Responder 2021

Emergency Medical Technician

Fire Fighter 1





Former 2003 Girls ODP Assistant Coach 

Former 2003 Girls ODP Evaluator 

2002/2001 Girls 

2003/2004 Girls

2003/2004 Boys 

2005/2006 Girls

2005/2006 Boys

2007/2008 Boys

2009/2010 Girls

2009/2010 Boys

2011/2012 Girls

2011/2012 Boys

2013/2014 Girls

2013/2014 Boys

2015/2016 Girls

2015/2016 Boys 




Professional Mens Team (Major League Futsal)

Semi Pro Futsal Team NPFL

Elite Youth teams U8 and Up



Playing Experience:


2016- Pro Futsal

2006-2008 FC Ireland (CCSL)

2003-2004 AC Cruz Azul (CCSL)

2001 Sacramento Knights Pro Indoor

1999 - US National Champion Team (La Jolla Nomads)

1996-1998 Gothia Cup, Champions (La Jolla Nomads)

1997 - ODP Regional Team

1996 - Cal South State Team

1988-1996 San Luis Obispo Soccer Club

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